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Our business in 3 steps


Creativity at the service
of your project.

We are here to transcribe your vision.
By defining together the objectives to be reached
for your project, we provide all
creative resources for the future of your idea.

Design office :

- Sketch / Sketches
- 3D Modeling
- Application of digital textures
- 3D rendering
- Presentation folder
- Brand image


3D visuals

Modeling & 3D rendering

Our engineers bring your idea to life with 3D modeling based on technical specifications.

By mastering various modeling, 3D rendering and retouching software, our team is able to quickly create different visuals.

By adding textures and an environment, you'll get a realistic first glimpse of your project without having incurred manufacturing costs.

ACED enables the close association between product design and industrial design to guarantee the success
of the target objective.


Industrial design & production optimization

Our engineering department studies, designs, and defines
the technical and industrial solutions that will optimize the performance of your project
in the production phase.

We thus determine the adapted materials and manufacturing methods.

Design office :

- CAD design (Catia , Solidworks)
- Tooling design
- CAD/CAM 3 ,4 and 5 axis multi-materials
- Industrial drawings
- RDM study
- Reverse engineering
- Topological optimization
- Drafting of industrial technical liasse



Validate your project through industrial prototyping

Thanks to our prototyping pole, your project comes to life through a functional model that allows
to test your part while controlling
your costs.

ACED provides your project with a multi-material additive manufacturing machine park (PA12, resin, plastic, filled plastic).


Industrial study

CNC tooling machining

To support your development,
we study the optimal solutions for production by integrating the economic
and strategic issues of the project.
The agency's production line meets the needs of composite and thermoplastic tools.

Our 3, 4 and 5 axis production machines as well as our dimensional control tools will guarantee you precise and efficient tools over time.

- 3 axis machining center (1500 x 50 x 800)
- 5 axis continuous machining center (700 x 600 x 600)
- Hexagon metrology scanner arm


Your piece in limited edition

Our production line caters specifically to the needs of composite and thermoplastic tooling. With our 3-, 4- and 5-axis production machines, as well as our dimensional control tools, we guarantee you precise, high-performance tooling over time.

In addition, our machine park enables us to ensure the production of mass-produced parts to meet the requirements of the most exclusive projects.

By choosing our ACED agency, you benefit from our experience and advanced technical resources.
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